Basic Needs Assessment

If you find you are suffering in any of these areas, address them! This is the foundational ‘stuff’ that enables you to thrive.

SLEEP — Am I getting enough of it? Am I getting quality sleep?

DIET — Am I eating enough? Am I eating quality food? Am I getting the essential fatty acids that my body requires for optimal functioning? How about hydration? Am I drinking enough water? Am I drinking too many sugary, caffeinated beverages?

MOVEMENT — Am I too sedentary lately? How much time do I spend moving around on a daily basis? How can I add more movement/exercise into my routine?

SELF-EXPRESSION — Are you taking the time to engage in activities that ground and fuel your creative spirit? This doesn’t necessarily need to be an artistic endeavor, but anything that you know makes you feel good: volunteering, jogging, reading a book in your favorite spot, journaling, spending time with loved ones, etc.

*EMOTIONAL  Are you feeling more anxious, sad, depressed lately? Have you noticed changes in moods? changes in the frequency of mood shifts? erratic (not typically you) behavior? anxiety in specific situations? avoidance of certain situations? Are you feeling your feelings? Or do you notice yourself pushing them down, to be dealt with at a more convenient time? If you notice any of the above, it may be helpful to speak with a mental health professional or your primary care doctor. At the very least, do not keep your feelings bottled up inside. Speak to a trusted friend or family member who can guide you to a professional. And remember: you are not alone.

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