Openly Straight Mixtape

This is is the media portion of a project for “Youth Literacies: Literature, Culture And The Arts,” taught by Dr. Laraine Wallowitz, at Adelphi University. It is a required course for students of the graduate educational theatre program.

We were given instructions to choose one book from a list:

Then we were to choose one project from a “choice board” of nine projects, each of which was a creative project requiring interpretation and extrapolation of the reading. I chose the following:

“Make a soundtrack for the book. Choose five to eight songs that represent themes/characters/conflicts in the story. Along with the CD or tape, include a paragraph for each song explaining why you chose that song and how it relates to the book.”

The following is the media portion of my project.

Note: True to character, I used these instructions as guidelines and made it my own.

Openly Straight Mixtape Tracks
Click track for lyrics (new window will open)

  1. These Are Days — 10,000 Maniacs
  2. Crash Into Me — Dave Matthews Band
  3. You Get What You Give — The New Radicals
  4. Name — The Goo Goo Dolls
  5. Let Go — Frou Frou
  6. Kissing You — Des’ree
  7. Chasing Cars — Snow Patrol
  8. Possession — Sarah McLachlan
  9. The Space Between — Dave Matthews Band
  10. Cannonball — Damien Rice
  11. I Am Here — P!nk
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